What is pubfund.science?

Pubfund.science is another name for our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The official name “Publicly Funded Research Initiative” had to be stodgy enough to get past the IRS, but it was a bit awkward for a website.

Who are you?

We're a team of people concerned about science funding in the US. Check out our About page for more information. 

Why should I donate?

Because funding Science is important! We can't rely on the federal government for adequate funding for research these days, so this is your opportunity to support a scientific researcher directly. Fund the future of science by donating today!

There's a number of rewards you can get for donating or raising money, from bumper stickers, to providing an algae education kit for a school, or participating in the experiment for a scientific authorship!

What's in it for me?

Check out all the cool things algae can do at our Explore page! I'm especially enthusiastic about algae because it can help solve a lot of the problems we face due to global warming.

Why algae?

Our goal is just a starting point! If we don't hit it, we will still use the money to do further outreach and make more videos! Backers will have access to these videos, which will cover scientific and educational topics, project progress updates, and personal shout-outs to participating classrooms. We will also use this money to plan our next campaign, and hopefully do it better!

What if you don't hit your goal?

Negative results are always a possibility when doing science, and should in fact be encouraged! We will do our best to design robust experiments that should yield results. However, even negative results allows us to communicate our science better - we can explain how the experiment was run and the importance of discovering how something doesn't work.

What if you don't find anything?