What Do I Get?

If you back this non-profit campaign, you get the opportunity to be in on the science. One of the reasons crowdfunding for science hasn't caught on is the lack of rewards and project updates. We want to address this by providing video updates on the project's progress throughout the year, as well as more interactive rewards, including an opportunity to be a part of the experiment and an author on a scientific paper. 

All backers will receive:

  • Follow-up newsletter with project updates
  • Bonus scientific video content explaining project methods, results
  • Receipt of contribution for tax-deductible giving
Our logo is an actual plate I used in an experiment

Our logo is an actual plate I used in an experiment

Backers at the following donation levels can elect to receive the following rewards:

$2.5 x 101 = $25 - Bumper Sticker

Show your support for public funding of science research by putting this bumper sticker on your car, scooter, fridge, or bike helmet!

Mars Poster design featuring borer diagram

Mars Poster design featuring borer diagram

$5 x 101 = $50 - Mars Poster

This poster features conceptual art designed by MFA student Nathan Vieland. The design features a large-scale version of a Martian surface borer drilled into Martian regolith, for nutrient harvesting and sequestration of oxygen. This model was based on phase I designs from NASA's Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) grant funding program, as conceptualized by TechShot






Funding Thanks.jpg

$1 x 104 = $10,000 - Sponsor

Are you a wealthy philanthropist looking to throw some money towards science? Do you know a non-profit organization looking to fund a cool new idea? We'd love for you to sponsor our research! Sponsors will receive funding acknowledgment in published research papers, and we'll put you/your organization's name/logo in our presentations, posters, and slides!